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Remote Second Opinion Services

The practice of seeking expert advice before making major medical decisions

Medical professionals on the meragoHealth Second Opinion panel of experts advise patients with major medical decisions. While this service can be in-person at one of our physical clinics, most of the second opinion services are provided remotely.


The service, designed for easy and affordable access to medical expertise across borders is a virtual/online service that patients can request conveniently using the meragoHealth mobile app or at any meragoHealth clinic. 

  • What is the meragoHealth Second Opinion service ?
    A second opinion (independent review) by a medical expert can help a patient make an informed confident decision about his or her medical care. Sometimes, a patient may learn about treatment options they didn’t know were available. And in some cases, the information they gain during a second opinion can even change the diagnosis. meragoHealth’s Second Opinion Service connects gives the patient an opportunity to seek an independent evaluation of their current situation and the recommendations made by the attending physican. The service managed by the medical team at meragoHealth, is a remote service that gets one or more medical experts to review the conditions, reccommendations, and or reports to provide their of experts
  • What are the typical reasons for someone to seek a second opinion?
    A patient may seek a second opinion (and is encouraged to do so) for a number of reasons. These include but not limited to the following: · A medical condition that isn’t improving or is getting worse, despite treatment. · A diagnosis with a serious or rare health condition. · A conclusion that his/her health condition is not treatable. · Has been advised to undergo treatment that involves surgery. · Needs guidance choosing between multiple treatment options offered. · Needs confirmation about a diagnosis or treatment. · Needs an independent review of a medical situation
  • How does it work?
    The service is an online/remotely provided service. Step 1: The patient uses the meragoHealth patient app either a mobile app or online at and provides detailed information regarding the medical case to be reviewed. In addition, the patient shares any documents/reports related to the medical case to be reviewed and submits the case after due payment is made for the service. Step 2: The meragoHealth medical team will review the request and submitted information to ensure completeness. The medical team will contact the appropriate specialist on the second opinion panel to initiate the review. They will forward all submitted documents and coordinate between the patient and the medical expert. Step 3: The medical expert will review the submitted information and document the advice/recommendation for the patient. (If additional information or clarification is required, these can be requested through the medical team.) Step 4: The medical team will generate a formal report with the recommendation and submit the report to the patient. A copy will be sent to the medical expert for his/her records.
  • How will I be compensated for my services?
    The medical expert will be able to set his/her own consulting fees. However, given that this is a competitive environment and there are other options available, we expect the pricing to be in par with the region. The best approach is to work with us and set a price that is competitive and at the same time an acceptable remuneration for you. Once a second opinion review is completed and report submitted, we will remit your fees on a previously agreed upon schedule and mode of payment.
  • How do I register to be on the meragoHealth expert panel?
    The process is simple. Please write to us at providing name and contact info area of expertise A brief professional CV or your Linked In page preferences on services you would like to provide preferences on pricing availability over the next 12 months Our medical team will review the provided information and contact you to discuss next steps and onboarding you on to the panel of experts.
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