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The care and support you need

We are here to help

Every Step of the way

When it comes to your medical needs and paying for them, we have you covered

Remote or in-person. Walk-in or scheduled. Your choice.


Walk-in to get medical care

For all your urgent, non-emergency medical needs.

No appointments, no wait.


Consult with a specialist

Schedule a time that is convenient for you.


Check with  an expert

Get advice from our panel of medical experts before an important healthcare decision. Select experts in India or abroad. 


Address mental health concerns

Something bothering you? Mental health challenges? Connect with our experienced counsellors.


Treat skin issues

Get your skin issues taken care of. Submit images or consult a dermatologist. Get the advice you need


Deal with medical needs at home 

Get a range of medical services at home. From consultations to medical tests, and equipment everything you need to care for someone at home.


Need Vaccinations?

Find out what you need and get vaccinated.


Need Lab Tests?

Health checkups, doctor required testing, at home or at the clinic


Come To The Clinic

If you are near to one of our clinics, walk-in to meet the doctor.

Use the mobile app to do all of the above and more !

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Do not let out-of-pocket expenses stop you  from getting the care you need

Pay for healthcare 

With the Merago Health Savings Account (HSA) manage out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for the whole family.

The HSA is a better way to pay for all planned and unplanned expenses. 

Prioritize Prevention: Measure, track, and share your health insights 

What can't be measured can't be controlled. Start today


Measure, store, and view your vital sign trends and your  vaccinations.

Share with your doctor.

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Get your Merago  HealthScore - a measure of your health. Periodic checkups and calculating the score is a great way to track your health.


Securely store your medical records and health profile. Upload your medical records and share with your doctor.

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Track a timeline of your health events. Share with the doctor for a quick overview of your health journey.

A network of licensed, experienced medical practitioners brought to you from India and abroad. 

From primary care and mental health to specialist care to expert advice, the Merago Healthcare Network of leading providers deliver the quality care you need at an affordable price.

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