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Now your employees can access and pay for quality care  

A healthy employee is a productive employee. While most employees have insurance for hospitalization, the biggest obstacle to quality, timely care is out-of-pocket expenses. 

This affects the employee, their families and you the employer.

Now with the Merago Health Savngs Account (HSA) help your employees address this challenge.

Meragoi HSA card.jpg

Go beyond group health insurance. 
Sponsor the HSA.

Everything your employees need to stay healthy. 


Dedicated account to manage health expenses

With the HSA, employees can save for healthcare expenses in an account usable only at healthcare facilities. Helps plan and carve out funds for medical expenses.


No cost, instant credit for unplanned out-of-pocket spends

With the HSA, your employees can get access to instant credit for paying unplanned medical bills. They pay over time, without any interest or fees.
And as the  employer you sponsor the program but are not responsible for the loans.


Better management of employer  healthcare allowances 

If you give your employees cash for emergency healthcare spends, use the HSA.

Ensures that the spend is only for healthcare expenses and can be  tracked and reported.


Track,  manage and report tax benefit

With the HSA, all use of funds are for healthcare expenses. And can be tracked.

Any spends that are tax deductible (e.g., Section 80D in India) can be easily reported.

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