About Us

Working to create next generation digital healthcare services, our engineers are building  innovative and disruptive solutions for the on demand healthcare needs of patients in the US, India and other leading markets.


Our Story

The  lack of timely access to medical care, insufficient coordination across multiple care providers, inadequate access to consistent and current patient information fragmented across multiple specializations, complex navigation across primary care,  emergency care, and facilitated home care with monitoring significantly impact the quality of healthcare and hence the quality of life for all involved.

Having to care for  children and elderly parents at the same time, we have experienced the above challenges with today's healthcare services.

Sandwiched between these pediatric needs and geriatric urgencies, we realized that there was a compelling need for an efficiently managed service to address these market needs. Merago was setup to apply advanced technologies, improve upon proven practices and leverage the expertise of the many excellent medical professionals to provide trusted, affordable, high quality on-demand medical care.

Meet The Team

Rashmee Narayan,  Director, COO

Dr. Udaya Kumar Maiya, Medical Director


Santosh M.R,    Engineering Management


Naresh Konda,  Product Management


Kaushik Ghosh, Sales & Marketing Management