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Benefit From The Power Of Managed Digital Healthcare Services

Merago enables healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and businesses  to easily deliver low cost, high quality care using its cloud based managed service offerings. See below to find out how you can benefit from partnering with Merago. Contact us for more information at

Partner with us

  • Providers, Clinics

Sign up to use Merago as your digital health platform.  Consult and deliver in-person or remote care. Benefit from seamless access to patient's medical history and care team to ensure high participation from patients. Want to provide urgent care on your own time and with no pre-scheduled appointments? Join our care-on-demand team.

  • Urgent Care Centers, Hospitals

Let us power your own Urgent Care centers. Reduce the load and cost on your Emergency Rooms. Improve efficiency of your provider time and resources with our Care Hubs. Use Merago as a new customer acquisition channel. Talk to us.

  • Small to Medium Enterprises, Retail Businesses

Offer convenient access to healthcare for your employees. We support self-pay, employer pays, or insurance pays models. A great employee benefit to retain employees. Connect with us.

  • Consumer communities

Offer convenient access to healthcare and payment services  to your residents, clients, and guests. Specifically designed for large businesses such as hotels. resorts. residential communities, coworking spaces, meragoHealth is the the ideal healthcare network for access to care from anywhere, anytime. 

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