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Timely access to high quality  care  at home and away 

Walk-in or schedule an appointment for virtual or in-person care, manage your payments, all from your phone

Your Personal Health Manager

With the Merago mobile app you can manage all aspects of your healthcare like never before. From appointments to medication to payments all at your fingertips


A big part of quality healthcare is managing your health expenses. Manage your out of pocket expenses with the Health Savings Account


Make payments, receive funds, track your transactions, manage your insurance documentation, get instant credit  With the Merago Health Savings Account you can now plan for, pay, and track your expenses.

Keep track of your health journey and continuity of care with the Merago health timeline.  Being aware of your health history makes you an informed patient.  Allows you to be in control and stay healthy. Share with your doctor for better insight about your health.


Your health records securely and conveniently stored and managed by you. Easily track medical records, prescriptions, medications, lab reports. Share your records with doctor any time. Store your insurance documentation and your expense receipts.  In short this is your personal, secure health information vault.

With Merago, family and caregivers can easily be part of your health journey. From being invited to a consultation, to managing the care of elderly, you can ensure quality care at all times. Link your accounts. Include your caregiver in  consultations with your doctor. Give access to your medication schedules. Have them track your appointments.


Manage Your Expenses With The Health Savings Account

Keep Track  Of Your Health Journey With The Timeline

Get Secure Access To Your Health Records With HealthVault 

Engage Your Family and Caregivers In Your Health Journey  

The Merago Difference

Beach Yoga

It's all about your wellbeing

Merago is more than caring for an illness; with tools to focus on prevention, and wellness, Merago helps patients to manage all aspects of their health.

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