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Timely access to high quality  care must be available at home and away 

A Personalized Care Environment

As a Merago member, patients have access to a personalized care environment where they can receive treatment from their own physicians or healthcare providers on Merago - whether virtual or in-person, at home or away.

Own your medical records

Maintain a digital library of your medical records, medications and case history securely in Merago. Make it available to doctors during consultations.

Track your medications

Keep track of all your medications. Past  and current ones. Share it with your doctor  on your next consultation.

Bring your trusted caregiver

Include your caregiver in  consultations with your doctor. Give access to your medication schedules. Have them track your appointments.

Reach out for care when you need it

Schedule  an appointment with your doctor, or a specialist on Merago. Have an urgent need to chat with a doctor? Second opinion on your lab report? Do it all in Merago.

Merago is for the entire family

As a parent or a care giver for the elderly, manage all your family member healthcare needs in Merago.

Get a second opinion

Connect with a recommended specialist anywhere in the world. Consult an expert on a Merago panel. Have a consultation with your doctor and a specialist.

The Merago Difference

Beach Yoga

It's all about your wellbeing

Merago is more than caring for an illness; with tools to focus on prevention, and wellness, Merago helps patients to manage all aspects of their health.

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