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Providing Care On The Merago Health Network

Merago enables providers like never before. Access to the latest patient health information, a high degree of patient engagement, ability to connect with the patient's care team and specialists and much more. All with one objective: To deliver high quality care and the best outcome for the patient. Join the Merago Health Network today.


Subscribe to Care Hubs

Merago Care Hubs are a convenient way to provide medical care to fit your daily schedule. No appointments required.


Depending on your availability, location, and interest, conduct a virtual consultation or see a patient in-person.

Based on your expertise, join one of the many Care Hubs: Primary Care, Skin Care, Mental Health etc.

Schedule consultations online

With support for full fledged calendar and vacation management, now you can schedule consultations for video, audio, chat consultations or in-person visits.


Ensure quality care with use of latest health data

Know your patient's medical history before and during a consultation. Review his/her health timeline. Get access to specific records. Privacy and Security is completely managed by HealthVault.

We take care of the regulatory compliance with secure storage and access to medical records for extended periods of time, so you can focus on review of the records to dispense care. 


Provide care from anywhere

Connect to patients or get invited to a consultation while away from anywhere in the world. You have the same level of access to the patient, his medical records, and care team. Add a family member or another specialist. Treat patients on the Care Hub or share your calendar with your patient to schedule a consultation.


Connect with the care team

Include the patient's care team: family, caregivers in audio, video consultations.

Connect patient's PCP or add a specialist to ensure increased patient engagement and timely insight.

Manage Outpatient Care With HealthOps


HealthOps is a complete outpatient management capability for hospitals and clinics. Offered as a managed service, it significantly increases provider time utilization and streamlined patient workflows.

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Expert Opinion at Merago.jpg

Second opinions on meragoHealth

Medical opinions from specialists for patients in India who want more information and guidance on their serious and life-threatening illnesses from providers in India and abroad are available.

meragoHealth is a health-tech company which provides health-related solutions both in the wellness and disease sectors.

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