Providing Care On Demand

With Merago, providers can subscribe to the Merago Care-On-Demand service to connect with patients and offer virtual or scheduled in-person consultations from anywhere. Providers have access to  a 360 degree view of the patient’s latest health profile during both virtual and in-person consultations.


Teleconsult from anywhere

Connect to patients or get invited to a consultation from any where in the world. Add a family member or another specialist. Provide care  on your schedule or on-demand.

Provide quality care with access to latest medical history

Know your patient's medical history. Before and during the consultation. Get access for review later. Secure, access on demand. Don't worry, you don't have to worry about safely storing patient's medical history. It is stored in the patient's digital clinic.


Provide expert advice

Get invited for your expertise. Participate in consultations with the patient's care team. Get just-in-time access to the patient's latest medical history.

Dispense Urgent Care

Sign-up for the Merago Care-on-Demand service. Consult at your convenience with full access to patient's medical history. No need  for scheduling.