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Preventive Care 

Preventive health check-ups enable healthcare providers to identify risk factors that may lead to chronic illness and disability. It helps to estimate the current health condition of a person and aids in the early detection of disease. Preventive health check-ups help to identify specific habits, infections, behaviours, and medical conditions before it turns problematic and affect your quality of living. 

Preventive care recommendations by age

Preventive Care 0-15.png

New Born to Adolescence

Developmental screening for motor, social, language, Intellectual, Physical, sexual, and immunization services.

Preventive Care 15-30.png

Adolescence to early Adulthood

Physical, mental, emotional well-being, eating disorders, obesity, stress management, and screening for genetic and hereditary predisposition for various chronic illnessess.

Preventive Care 30-45.png

Middle age

Screening for non-communicable lifestyle disorders, addictions, work-life balance and other stressors like parenthood, lack of time for self care.

Preventive Care 45-60.png

Middle age to Retirement

Screening for age-appropriate productivity level at the workplace, anxiety and depression about chronic illnesses affecting physical health/major diseases/ medical cost, empty nest syndrome.

Preventive Care 60-75+.png

Senior to Elderly

Screening for permanent disability, fall-risk assessment, impaired

memory, depression due to loneliness and dependency, spirituality and its dilemmas, fear of death

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