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Managing your health is as much prevention, planning and payments,

as it is getting timely medical care

At Merago, our mission is to help you manage your health and achieve the best health outcome everytime 

Meet today's medical needs
No waits, no appointments

With our virtual walk-ins to care hubs, you now can connect with a doctor when you need.


Get a virtual-first or an in-person attention to meet your needs in primary care, mental health counseling, skin care.


Or reach out to a specialist.

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Merago Care Hubs are designed for on-demand efficient delivery of out-patient services in a hospital or a clinic, and  enable patients and providers to quickly connect without appointments.

Video, audio, chat or in-person consultations  are available from triaging to follow-up appointments.  Supports both in-person and remote consultations.

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Health care is complex and continuous

and sometimes a lot to deal with...


Plan for tomorrow
All the tools you need

Track your health, plan and fund your expenses, build your network of service providers, manage your health records and do the same for your family.


The Merago Health Network is the one place where you can easily do all that – all from your mobile phone

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The Merago Healthcare Network

Your own. Your Services, Providers, and Health Information. And you are in control 

Create your  own network of  providers, specialists, caregivers, insurers, labs, and pharmacies that give you everything you need to manage your family’s health. Directly from your mobile phone

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HealthOPS: The next-generation in out-patient care management

Maximize the use of your resources and enhance provider and clinic utilization while providing quality care from anywhere


Providers and Consultants 

Deliver quality care with efficient use of your resources with

  • calendar and clinic management services 

  • access up-to-date patient medical history and health profile

  • managed services for logistics 


From on-demand care to specializations, maximize your potential to care for your patients

Hospitals and Clinics 

The first integrated out-patient care management service. Either in-person or virtual first, meet the needs of your patients efficiently

Reduce cost and effort of patient data management, appointment logistics, and patient acquisition

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