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Get The Most Out Of Your Health Data

Secure your medical records with HealthVault

Merago HealthVault is a secure repository for medical records. Completely protected with state-of-the-art  data privacy and access controls, you decide who has access to the data. 

Store prescriptions, reports, images, vaccination records and more. 


Track and share your vital signs with HealthTrack 

What can't be measured can't be controlled.


With Merago HealthTrack, you now have the ability to continually store, track, and report your vital signs, and your wellness indicators. 

Check your HealthScore

Merago HealthScore is your wellness indicator. It is calculated using a number of health parameters. Get your HealthScore periodically and track how you are managing your health. A great way to prioritize wellness and prevention.

merago HealthScore_edited.jpg

Share your Health Timeline 

A bird's eye view of your health journey


Experienced doctors are in great demand. This is the best way to bring them up to speed on your health history. Share a summary of your health timeline with your doctors and caregivers. 

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